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Hello this is my new and improved Nix infrastructure.

General layout

There are three main directories:

  • secret, which contains secrets
  • shared, which contains shared config modules
  • system, which contains the configurations for specific machines

I have some machines that don't run NixOS so I have separated the home-manager stuff (home) from the NixOS system-level stuff (core).

For example, strawberry is a NixOS machine, so for this machine, there is both a home.nix for the home config of my user account, and a core.nix containing the system-level configuration of the machine.

Shared configuration

NixOS and home-manager modules are used to organize the config.

A lot of config is shared between machines. This is stored within the shared/ directory, under either shared/core/ for system-level NixOS modules or shared/home/ for home-manager modules.

There's also a shared key used by the nix user of each machine, for which the public key is in shared/data/. This key is used to let other machines serve as remote builders.